Diversity, equity and inclusion should be the heartbeat that drives every organization’s growth. Throughout Nona Lee’s life, she encountered all kinds of racism, discrimination and resistance but she still achieved high honors in sports and academics and worked hard to climb ladders and smash obstacles in her way. Nona is deeply committed to meeting leaders, teams and organizations where they are and helping them evaluate their current practices and culture in order to effect positive and TRUE change with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion. Nona is a DEI expert, speaker, consultant and trainer.


Nona Lee participated in Deedra Determan’s six month personal branding coaching program to figure out Nona Lee’s next career. Nona spent 22 years as the lead attorney for the Arizona Diamondbacks major league baseball team where she created the D-backs for Change “JEDI” Council (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion). Nona spent many years as Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the team, but her passion was in diversity, equity and inclusion. Through her coaching journey, she realized that in order to make lasting, meaningful change with DEI, she needed to go all in launching the Truth DEI brand. After six months of coaching, Nona Lee had clear direction on the brand, the name, tagline, concept, audience she would market to, and her speaking and consulting platform. Nona Lee is still coaching with Deedra Determan every week to grow the Truth DEI brand. She now has multiple DEI consultants and speakers as a part of her team, has hired an assistant, and is working on an online education platform. Nona has been the speaker of choice for major organizations such as Disney, NAACP, Major Lindsey & Africa, ALAS, KMK Law and more. Nona was recently honored with the Trailblazer Award at the 4th Annual Sports Power Brunch: Celebrating the Most Powerful Women in Sports. Deedra Determan’s digital marketing agency, D2 Branding, handles all of Truth DEI’s social media content posting, digital marketing, public relations and booking for speaking and consulting engagements.

WEBSITE | www.truthdei.com

Truth DEI website’s goal is to brand Nona Lee as the expert in DEI consulting, share testimonials, speaking topics and a call to action inviting corporations, teams and leaders to take a free assessment to see where their truth and commitment is in regards to DEI.


The truth DEI logo was developed to portray strength and action for this important business service. Colors are bright and fonts are modern, clean and easy to read – creating a logo that feels solid and trust worthy. This text based logo clearly represents what truth DEI consulting’s mission is by using words, color and small shapes to convey the essence of the brand. A subtle arrow shape was added to the “t” in truth and  repeated throughout the brand marketing, to represent forward movement and motivate people to take action. A bright red was used to inspire and highlight the idea of finding truth which is the theme throughout Nona’s speaking and her personal story.



D2 created business cards, letterhead and a speaking sales sheet to highlight Nona’s expertise speaking on diversity, equity and inclusion along with featuring many testimonials. D2 also created a consulting sales sheet that includes Nona’s DEI six-step consulting process. Additionally, a branded PowerPoint presentation was designed to be used during training sessions.


D2 created Facebook + Instagram pages for Truth DEI to have a social media presence and start branding Nona Lee as the expert, educating the public and building a community around diversity, equity and inclusion by posting 3x a week with professional copywriting and graphic design.


Multiple videos were created for Truth DEI featuring beautiful story telling which allows the brand to really shine. Video can be used effectively in marketing from commercials to social media to get the message across. We set up a branded YouTube Channel so the videos can be viewed easily online and draw traffic to and from the truthDEI website.

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