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Empowering women business owners and CEOs to do business on their terms with no regrets, hesitation or fear!

After 10 years as a TV exec, I wanted to control my destiny, work whenever I wanted to work and make the money I wanted to make. I took the leap to become an entrepreneur, I finally did it my way and that is when I started to see success in my life. I share my story as well as interview amazing women CEOs and entrepreneurs who are doing it their way, living life on their terms! 


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You Can Do It All AND Be Successful – Teresa Forehand

Tulsa-based digital creator, Teresa Forehand, shares her journey from PA to full-time content creator known for “20-minute meals.” She discusses balancing work and motherhood, overcoming adversity, and building an online community.

Paving The Way For Women – Dr. Kayse Shrum

I visited my alma mater, Oklahoma State University, to chat with the university’s first female President, Dr. Kayse Shrum! From pediatrician to university president, hear how she balances a remarkable career and family life. 

Accounting to Marketing to District Development – Shea Roach

Tulsan Shea Roach, Co-Founder of Freeform, a global marketing automation company, is developing the Ten District in Jenks. She shares how she went from accounting to entrepreneurship and the plans she has to grow the city of Jenks. 

A Tulsan With A Vision – Teresa Knox

Tulsa entrepreneur, Teresa Knox, started as a dental assistant, began teaching others, and went on to start Community Care College. She opened two more schools, and now owns iconic spots in Tulsa, like the Church Studio and Harwelden Mansion.

Kay Koziol was a CEO who put so much time into work, neglected her health, and found herself 80 pounds overweight. Hear how she lost the weight and became one of the top Burn Boot Camp owners in the country!

The Ultimate Female CEO and Entrepreneur – Paula Marshall

Paula Marshall has been the CEO of Tulsa-based international food manufacturer, Bama Companies, Inc. since 1990. Paula explains how she started as a line worker and now leads a global empire with a completely different business model.

Stay at home mom, Teresa Gawey, wanted to find her passion after raising kids. She noticed a need for yoga in the Tulsa community, took a risk, and opened the unique SALT Yoga, focused on inclusivity and fun!

Lifestyle photographer, Amy Herndon, explains how she started her business at the perfect time when her style was rare and Instagram was just becoming popular. She shares how to stay relevant in industries that are constantly evolving.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at the good life when things are crumbling around you, but mindset is everything! Mia Fleming is a highly accomplished and captivating TV host, known for her magnetic personality, and infectious energy.

Free products, big affiliate checks, free trips…the life of an Influencer seems so glamorous. Wouldn’t it be so cool to make six figures posting on your social media about products you already use and love?

Deedra interviews a woman in business she admires, Shannon Wilburn, CEO/Co-Founder of Just Between Friends Franchise System. Learn how Shannon balanced work/mom life and grew JBF into 150 franchises nationwide.

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