Your Sanitas is founded by Jenny Lessley, a Lifestyle Coach, whose mission is to educate and empower people to become the healthiest version of themselves. She uses an 8-step process to help my clients meet their health goals so they can live a life they love.


D2 conducted a Branding Session with Your Sanitas before launching their brand. Jenny Lessley is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with a Board Certification in Family Medicine and a degree in Dietetics. She was frustrated working with her patients who were being prescribed medications without fixing the root of the problem which often came down to nutrition. Jenny struggled with her health growing up experiencing autoimmune symptoms until she changed to her nutrition and started to get better. After six years of practice, she learned everything starts with nutrition.  Jenny was ready to launch her own health brand so she could help as many people as possible live a healthy lifestyle. Your Sanitas means “your health” in Latin.  We came up with the tagline:  “Lifestyle coaching so you can live your best life” as Jenny Lessley will be doing one-on-one coaching with clients. We also created the Your Sanitas 8 Step Process that starts with an assessment of the client’s health and finishes with an ongoing maintenance plan for optimal health. We established pricing for her coaching structure and created a high end and low end offer. During the branding session, we created Jenny’s personal brand story to connect with her clients and drew out her website to set her up as the expert in her field as well as get leads to convert to clients.


The Your Sanitas Logo was created to feel friendly and caring. We incorporated a heart icon to symbolize healthy living and the heartfelt attitude Jenny approaches all her clients with. The color palette is bright and happy attracting new clients with flowing lines and fun colors. This logo invokes a sense of ease and happiness that Jenny wanted to incorporate in her brand.


WEBSITE DESIGN | www.yoursanitas.com

The Your Sanitas Website incorporates all the free flowing lines and bright colors from the logo and brand style. We highlighted her unique services and used photography of Jenny in her active lifestyle, allowing clients to get to know her better as a person while they learn more about her coaching. Her custom 8 step process is featured throughout the site with calls to action to get started. We integrated the site with her POS system for appointment booking and payments, allowing full functionality for her business.


To help Jenny market her business, we created custom business cards with her logo to pass along to potential clients.